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The Maxisoft Pardus Encyclopedia contains a wealth of information about the NPCs you will likely find in your travels around the Universe. Be aware that the information is not always 100% accurate, however!

The Pardus Lifeforms is part of the official manual and has good descriptions and pictures of the NPCs, along with some back-stories.

The Pardus Bible v3 is also a great source of player contributed information about NPCs. It originally started off as an Excel spreadsheet maintained by Warbird – and you can still download an old archive version (circa 2008) from his website.

The tradition of recording NPC information was recently revived over at Blacksun’s Pardus Resources. This site is probably the most up to date collection of NPC information available for Pardus.

Interested in improving your skills at combat? Starconqueror created a very concise and easy to follow Z Skilling Guide by Starconqueror. It also includes all the locations where you will find these worthy opponents!

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