Ribbon Hunter ScreenThis userscript modifies the list showing the NPCs you have have killed on the Overiew Stats page.

An image is added to the page for each of the NPCs in the list. The number of kills remaining until the next medal is shown as well as an image for each of the medals you have already gained.

The list of NPCs is also re-ordered to show the NPCs with the least kills remaining until the next medal entry.

Updated 22nd April, 2015

NPCs yet to be killed

For each of the NPCs you have not yet killed (and which counts towards a medal) is now shown at the bottom of the list of NPC kills and medals.

Introducing The Vyrex

Vyrex HatcherOn 14th September 2014 (the 10th anniversary of Pardus), a new NPC family was introduced. The Vyrex are an aggressive and expansive species that, like the Locusts, have the ability to take over a sector completely.

Many pilots have reported intel on the Vyrex, and I have attempted to summarise these observations in this post.

Introducing The Vyrex…

A lot of detailed information on the Vyrex family is available at Blacksun’s Pardus Resources as well as in the Pardus Forums.

Hull Exp Move Aggro? Blocks?
Vyrex Larva
Vyrex Larva
320 55 N N Y
Vyrex Hatcher
Vyrex Hatcher
8,000 750 N Y N
Vyrex Assassin
Vyrex Assassin
400 105 Y Y Y
Vyrex Stinger
Vyrex Stinger
600 800 Y Y Y
Vyrex Mutant Mauler
Vyrex Mutant Mauler
620 5,500 Y Y Y

Vyrex Infestation Observations…

Vyrex AssassinThe first sign of infestation is a single Vyrex Assassin. This NPC moves and can travel via Wormholes to different sectors. After a period of time the Vyrex Assassin will evolve into a Vyrex Hatcher.

Vyrex HatcherThere can only be one Vyrex Hatcher in a sector at any one time, and once they are present, they begin spawning Vyrex Larva (and the occasional Vyrex Assassin) until they are killed.

Once the Vyrex Hatcher has been killed, a random Vyrex Assassin in the sector will evolve into a Vyrex Hatcher and the pattern will repeat.

Vyrex LarvaVyrex Larva will only appear within 4 tiles of where the Vyrex Hatcher is located. The Vyrex Larva follow the same spawn times as Exocrabs – six times an hour (x:00, x:11, x:22, x:33, x:44, x:55).

With the latest outbreak (April 2015), it appears that Larva appear within 5 tiles for the Hatcher (rather than 4 tile)

After a couple of days, the Vyrex Larva will mature to Vyrex Assassins – which will then spread the infection to adjacent sectors as the Vyrex Assassins move through Wormholes.

Vyrex StingerIf left long enough, Vyrex Assassins will eventually change in to Vyrex Stingers and eventually the Vyrex Stingers can change into the Vyrex Mauler.

All members of the Vyrex family (except the Vyrex Hatcher) can stack underneath other NPCs – but they do not stack on the same tile as a Vyrex Hatcher.

Getting Rid Of Them

The best strategy to eradicate Vyrex from a sector is to weaken the Vyrex Hatcher first, then kill all Vyrex Assassins in the sector, then all Vyrex Larva in the 4 tiles adjacent to the Vyrex Hatcher and finally kill off the Vyrex Hatcher itself (note that all of the Vyrex family can cloak, so an entire sector sweep is required before killing the Vyrex Hatcher).

Military Outpost Update

A Military OutpostOn the day of the 10th anniversary of Pardus, some much anticipated updates to the Military Outpost finally arrived.

A full explanation is included in the Pardus Manual, but I wanted to summarise some of the main points here.

Hospitaility to Young Pilots

According to the Pardus In Game News where the Military Outpost update was initially announced:

…new players sometimes had a hard time to explore the universe due to the ever-increasing rigidity and fragmentation of territories…

Military Outpost owners now have the ability to allow pilots who are under newbie protection (those that have played less than 50,000 action points) to pass through the Military Outpost – regardless of whether they would normally be allowed to. This option is enabled by default and is able to be configured via the Pass Settings option for the Military Outpost.

If you have a Military Outpost and you do not want to grant passage to pilots under newbie protection, don’t forget to change your Pass settings disable passage for them by removing the checkbox beside the option “Allow passage to pilots new to space” (and don’t forget to them press the “Save” button).

Surveillance Settings

With the introduction of a Surveillance Grid, there is now a chance that pilots can pass a blocking Military Outpost – even though previously they would not have been granted passage.

All ship types have been grouped into one of three categories to reflect their ship signature (clear, average, faint) and that signature is used to determine the chance of passing through a (normally blocking) Military Outpost.

The higher you set the value of the Detection Grid Strength (via a sliding control on the Pass Settings screen) the lower the chance a ship is granted passage (if they would normally be blocked) and the more upkeep your Military Outpost will consume per tick.

If you leave the Detection Grid Strength at zero, your Military Outpost will use the same upkeep as it always has (5t Fuel and 5t Energy) per tick. This setting will allow ships (that are normally blocked) with a clear signature to be blocked 75% of the time (so they have a 25% chance to pass), those with an average signature will be blocked 25% of the time and those with a faint signature will not be blocked at all.

If you set the Detection Grid Strength to the maximum value of 20, your Military Outpost upkeep changes to require 15t Fuel, 15t Energy and 15t Radiation Cells per tick. This setting will block all ships (regardless of their signature) 100% of the time.

The optimal setting (considering the upkeep cost versus the threat level from ships) for the Detection Grid Strength is value 15 requiring 15t Fuel, 15t Energy and 5t Radiation Cells per tick for upkeep. This prevents passage for ships with a clear and average signature 100% of the time whilst preventing passage for ships with a faint signature 75% of the time.

Crime Level

The chance to block a ship is further modified based on the crime level for the cluster. Low Crime level increases the chance of blocking a ship by 10% whilst High Crime level reduces the chance by 5% and Critical Crime level reduces it by 10%.

Some Examples

A Military Outpost in a Low Crime level cluster:

Detection Grid Strength Blocks Clear Signature Blocks Average Signature Blocks Faint Signature
0 85% 35% 10%
3 100% 50% 25%
13 100% 100% 75%
15 100% 100% 85%
18 100% 100% 100%

A Military Outpost in a Medium Crime level cluster:

Detection Grid Strength Blocks Clear Signature Blocks Average Signature Blocks Faint Signature
0 75% 25% 0%
5 100% 50% 25%
15 100% 100% 75%
20 100% 100% 100%

A Military Outpost in a High Crime level cluster:

Detection Grid Strength Blocks Clear Signature Blocks Average Signature Blocks Faint Signature
0 70% 20% 0%
5 95% 45% 20%
15 95% 95% 70%
20 95% 95% 95%

A Military Outpost in a Critical Crime level cluster:

Detection Grid Strength Blocks Clear Signature Blocks Average Signature Blocks Faint Signature
0 65% 15% 0%
5 90% 40% 15%
15 90% 90% 65%
20 90% 90% 90%

From the tables above it is obvious that the Crime Level in a cluster is now something that military planners need to take into consideration when planning defences.

How To Grow Squads

Bomber SquadsIf you own a Starbase, you might be interested in how to manage the growth of squads… you may have noticed that the Pardus Manual is a little sparse on details.

Each Starbase can ultimately have 12 squads totalling 100 fighters or bombers – but there are certain conditions that need to be met to achieve this maximum.

When you have 1 ring on your Starbase you can grow up to 3 squads, each squad that “spawns” will be randomly a fighter or a bomber squad – and once spawned, the maximum the squad will grow to is 50. This growth occurs at 0313 GMT every 24 hours.

To increase the number of squads and the amount of fighters or bombers in each squad, you need to increase the number of rings on your Starbase.

Starbase Rings Required Population Max Number of Squads Max Size of Squads
1 500 ~ 5,000 3 50
2 5,000 ~ 15,000 6 65
3 15,000 ~ 30,000 9 80
4 > 30,000 12 100

Fighters or Bombers?

Once a squad has been spawned it will not change (from fighter to bomber or from bomber to fighter), so it’s a good idea to “prune” unwanted squads at an early stage.

You can’t control whether a fighter or bomber squad spawns (at 0313 GMT), but if a fighter spawns and you want a bomber squad instead – hire the fighter right away. The next time a squad spawns, it might be a bomber (if not, just hire the unwanted squad and try again until you get what you want). This is referred to “pruning” squads.

Growth Strategies

Even though you need to have a minimum number of rings to spawn squads, you do not need to maintain the rings to keep the squads once they have spawned.

One way to reach 12 squads of 100 fighters / bombers is to keep 4 rings until they are all grown to full size. This is definitely the easier route.

Another way is to grow the Starbase to 4 rings and get all 12 squads to spawn – and then let the population drop to support 3 rings until all the squads are at 80… before returning to 4 rings again until the squads all grow to 100. This is more Food/Water efficient but does require more attention to your population level.

Pardus Ship Count – Userscript

Pardus Ship Count ScreenshotThis script works on the main navigation page and rearranges the content of the Other Ships box.

The size of ships is reduced and re-flowed to show 2 columns (instead of a single column).

This is particularly useful when you are on a tile with many other ships and allows you to see more pilots without scrolling.

This script also counts the number of ships (including Fighter and Bomber squads) on your tile and summarizes them in the title of the Other Ships box.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.

Pardus Move Resource Link ScreenshotThis script works on the main navigation page and rearranges the content of the Commands box.

Whether you are on Energy, Fuel, Nebula Gas or Exotic Matter – the link that allows you to harvest the resource from the tile is moved to the bottom of the Commands box.

It doesn’t have any effect when you are on Asteroids.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.

Features For New Pilots

Back in June 2012, some new features were introduced that benefited pilots who had played less than 1,000,000 APs. This was most likely implemented to allow new pilots to gain skills faster – reducing the number that decide to “give up” early in their career (at least this is my take on it).

The Pardus New Features forum thread describes these features:

The first and tenth kills of each NPC are rewarded with a bonus of 1 point in a skill depending on the killed NPC.

Reaching certain milestones (rank and competency advancements, 100/1000/… experience points) have a revitalizing effect – double AP regeneration for 24 hours.

System Messages

When you kill your first NPC of a particular type you will get a System Message similar to this:

Subject: Skill Bonus
Congratulations, you killed your first Space Clam! As a result of this new experience, you have gained one point in your Energy Collecting skill. There might still be more you could learn from fighting these vermin.

When you kill your tenth NPC of a particular type you will get a System Message similar to this:

Subject: Skill Bonus
Congratulations, you killed your tenth X-993 Battlecruiser! As a result of you becoming familiar with them, your Maneuver skill has increased further.

Note that the last System Message doesn’t mention that there might be more you could learn from continuing to fight them. You will not gain a skill bonus if you kill 100 of the same NPC (although you will achieve a ribbon that can show in your profile as a result).

Skill Bonus Gains

The list below shows the kind of skill gained when killing the 1st and 10th of each NPC (while you have less than 1,000,000 APs played):

Asteroid Mining
Locust Hives
Roidworm Hordes
Space Maggots
Space Snails
Space Worm Albinos
Escorted Smugglers
Experienced Pirates
Famous Pirates
Inexperienced Pirates
Lone Smugglers
Fuel Collecting
Bio Scavengers
Space Locusts
Energy Collecting
Energy Locusts
Energy Minnows
Space Clams
Young Space Dragons
Gas Collecting
Nebula Locusts
Swarm of Gorefanglings
Slave Traders
Combat Skills (randomly TA, HA, MA, WE, EN)
Ancient Crystals
Asp Hatchlings
Asp Mothers
Blood Amoebas
Blue Crystals
Cyborg Mantas
Developed Manifestations
Elder Space Dragons
Energy Sparkers
Euryale Swarmlings
Fuel Tankers
Frost Crystals
Ice Beasts
Infected Creatures
Lucidi Squads
Medusa Swarmlings
Mutated Medusas
Mutated Space Maggots
Mutated Space Worms
Nebula Moles
Nebula Serpents
Ripe Manifestations
Rive Crystal
Space Dragon Queens
Space Worms
Solar Banshee
Space Crystals
Stheno Swarmlings
Swarm of Energy Bees
Verdant Manifestations
Vyrex Assassin
Vyrex Hatcher
Vyrex Larva
Wormhole Monsters
X-993 Battlecruisers
X-993 Motherships
X-993 Squads
Z15 Souts

Interestingly, the Hidden Drug Stash does not give any gains at all!

Action Point Regeneration

System Message
The excitement from acquiring 1000 experience points has a revitalizing effect (your Action Points regeneration is doubled for the next 24 hours).

You will be granted double AP regeneration gains (that last for 24 hours – giving you 48 APs every 6 minutes) when you achieve the following milestones (while you have less than 1,000,000 APs):

Experience Points
100 exp
1,000 exp
10,000 exp
100,000 exp
1,000,000 exp
Compentency and Faction Ranks
Every time your competency increases (once per competency)
Every time your faction rank increases (once per rank)

These AP regeneration bonuses are not cumulative – if you increase rank and competency at the same time, you still only end up with double AP regeneration (which will wear off 24 hours after the last bonus you gained)

Is That All?

You may have noticed that the list of NPCs is far from complete at this stage. If you have recently killed your 1st or 10th of any of the NPCs below, please let me know what you gained and I will update this guide to include your discovery.

  • Ceylacennias
  • Feral Serpents
  • Glowprawns
  • Lucidi Motherships
  • Lucidi Warships
  • Oblivion Vortexs
  • Preywinders
  • Shadows
  • Xhole Monsters
  • Z15 Fighters
  • Z15 Repair Drones
  • Z15 Spacepads
  • Z16 Fighters
  • Z16 Repair Drones

Many of the NPCs listed above are likely impossible to kill for inexperienced pilots – do not attempt them unless you have assistance (and loads of luck)!

Pardus Contact Manager ScreenshotThis script works on the contacts page and inserts an icon beside each contacts list group title to allow you to show/hide toggle the contents of a group.

This is only of use to Premium pilots who can create Groups on their contacts page.

Military Outpost Configuration Tool

military_outpost_bigThe Pardus Manual categorises the Military Outpost as a High Level building.

Often referred to as an MO, they are usually found in rows (or columns) with other MOs. These buildings serve one purpose only – to restrict access through them.

The Pardus Manual describes their role rather concisely as:

This extended structure is built to enclose spheres of influences. It it used mainly by alliances to protect sectors from foes or collect tolls from passing ships.

What Do They Produce?

Unlike most other buildings that produce resources as their output, the Military Outpost allows passage restrictions to be applied when it is stocked. As long as the building meets it’s upkeep requirement (5t Hydrogen Fuel and 5t Energy), it will enforce the passage conditions that the owner has set until the next building tick (at which point it must remain “stocked” to ensure it can still function as described).

What Modules Can Be Installed?

As the owner of a Military Outpost, you will likely have to decide what modules to install so as to ensure any pilot attacking your building is sent packing in their Escape Pod as quickly as possible.

MO Configurator Tool ScreenshotTo assist you in determining the resources you will need, and ultimately the total cost of adding module slots and defenses to a new MO, you might find this Military Outpost Configurator tool useful.

This is a self-contained web tool that incorporates all modules you can install on an MO, and calculates the capacity required to build all the module slots (given the space available in your ship).

There are 3 very obvious steps involved:

  • Determine the space available in your ship
  • Choose the modules you want to install in your new MO
  • Identify the price you can source various resources for

The Military Outpost Configurator tool will calculate how much capacity you need to make the MO, itemise the resources you will need to complete the project and provide a total cost (in credits) based on the prices you can source the materials for.

Finally, this summary is presented in a format that you can easily copy and paste into a PM within Pardus – so you can share your project plans with others.

NPC Robot Repair – Userscript

NPC Combat Robot Use

Automatically calculate the number of robots required to repair your ship when in combat with NPCs (if you are carrying robots with you) and use a shortcut key to use the robots.

Once installed, visit the Ship Overview page to capture your current ship armor strength (and re-visit this page when you change your armor to a different strength).

NPC Robots Repair SettingsA settings screen is displayed when in combat with an NPC. This allows confuration of a shortcut key (to use robots) as well as how you want to calculate the amount of armor to repair.

The “Repair to at least” option allows you to set a value of armor you wish to repair to (rather than repairing to the maximum).