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While many alliances in Artemis seem to be struggling to maintain a core of active pilots, The Waistelands has experienced a steady increase in pilot membership over the past 2 years.

Is this because we offer a 125,000 credit Enlistment Bonus to all new members? Is it because we refund 100% of collected tax to active members every week? Maybe it is down to our engaging Alliance Chat? It could be our discounted ship program, or the free skilling nook access for seniors or the opportunity to command a Starbase of your own.

Why not see for yourself why so many pilots are choosing The Waistelands!

PM our Applications manager Albian in Artemis – and get ready to take Pardus to the next level!

Pardus has seen quite a few minor updates since the recent introduction of “turnover”, “credit hacks” and TSS “trophies”.

A lot of pilots continue to be worried about losing credits through being credit hacked (and rightly so – the losses can be significant for the humble trader).

Obviously the less credits you are carrying, the less you stand to lose! With this in mind many pilots were utilising their Alliance Funds – making regular deposits to hold their cash reserves.

A recent minor update has now made the ability to use Alliance Funds just that little bit more difficult. Now, you can make a deposit to Alliance Funds only once every 7 days.

This has quite an impact for those who would normally use Alliance Funds on a frequent basis – and will force pilots to think twice before they make a deposit. 

The ability for the Treasurer to transfer money from Alliance Funds directly to individual pilots remains unaltered at this stage.

The forums in-game are awash with opinion on this (and other) update.

Baglodorf put up an Alliance Message recently – encouraging traders to stock his buildings in Edvea by suggesting a nice trade route that he said would make a good profit.

I was in the sector and decided to see just how profitable his route would be. If nothing else it would allow me to see some of the local buildings whilst making some pocket change.

His route is marked on the map below – and I have marked the order that he suggested the buildings be traded in. I started from the Planet and took a direct line to the Asteroid mine and afterwards went directly from the Droid Assembly Complex back to the planet.

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The Waistelands is growing a new economy and we need to encourage traders to trade our buildings while we are off skilling, ranking or otherwise “doing something else”.

Up until recently the prices used in our buildings were heavily focused on providing a high profit margin to the building owner.

This meant the trader did a lot of hard work, using up their APs every day – and didn’t get a huge return for their efforts.

Conversely, the building owner, like an absent landlord, made a very good return – taking the lion’s share of profits for no ongoing effort.

As a result we have always struggled to find regular and reliable traders for our sectors.

To encourage traders to our sectors the focus on profits has had to change. We need to ensure that traders have a reason to trade our buildings – and to trade them regularly and reliably.

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There is always something going on in the EWS… last week it was all about how many times Dartwolf was going to die and this week it seems that most people are killing or being killed!

Right in the middle of building two new Battleweapons Factories last week, Slicerdicer took off in a plume of IP Drive exhaust to construct a Starbase over in Quana.
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It’s been a busy time in the EWSC over the past week – and as usual The Waistelands members have all had their fair share of action packed adventure, hair-raising “close-calls”… along with some steady trading and building action.
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Congratulations to our own Baglodorf who has reached the exalted position of 13th “Most Respected” Imperial pilot with a reputation of 4,211! That is some serious dedication – and something for all young Imperials to aspire to. Good job.
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The Return of Alliance Tax

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How to Ambush a Pardus Pirate

  1. Hack his location
  2. Choose possible ambush locations
  3. Figure out how to distribute your pilots into kill stacks
  4. Determine if you have a safe retreat
  5. Get missiles and Ambush teleporters
  6. Make sure to carefully setup your quick list