Pardus has seen quite a few minor updates since the recent introduction of “turnover”, “credit hacks” and TSS “trophies”.

A lot of pilots continue to be worried about losing credits through being credit hacked (and rightly so – the losses can be significant for the humble trader).

Obviously the less credits you are carrying, the less you stand to lose! With this in mind many pilots were utilising their Alliance Funds – making regular deposits to hold their cash reserves.

A recent minor update has now made the ability to use Alliance Funds just that little bit more difficult. Now, you can make a deposit to Alliance Funds only once every 7 days.

This has quite an impact for those who would normally use Alliance Funds on a frequent basis – and will force pilots to think twice before they make a deposit. 

The ability for the Treasurer to transfer money from Alliance Funds directly to individual pilots remains unaltered at this stage.

The forums in-game are awash with opinion on this (and other) update.