There is always something going on in the EWS… last week it was all about how many times Dartwolf was going to die and this week it seems that most people are killing or being killed!

Right in the middle of building two new Battleweapons Factories last week, Slicerdicer took off in a plume of IP Drive exhaust to construct a Starbase over in Quana.

Slicerdicer was defeated not once, but twice by the same Famous Pirate as he was building the Starbase. He’s amongst good company though, Nirraa also fell victim to his pirating ways. Old Dreamweaver (experience comes with age… or is it age with experience) managed to avenge them both and took out his first Famous Pirate.

Slicerdicer’s Trading Outpost was finally upgraded to a Starbase and The Waistelands expands a little further.

In a dry attempt at humility, Slicerdicer has named the new Starbase after his most recent nemesis… it is called Famous Waistelands. A beacon of light shining through the darkness of space. Nestled in the middle of a Pirate Den, Famous Waistelands will be a welcome haven for weary adventurers and travellers in that frontier of Empire space.

We welcome back Dra Dure… who started off by being killed by a Blue Crystal and an Elder Space Dragon (?!) before turning the tables and killing his 100th Elder Space Dragon along with his 1st Gorefangling.

Bershama hasn’t had a lot of success skilling up in Veareth – he was defeated by a Z15 Repair Drone and a Medusa Swarmling followed by a Medusa! I have a feeling Bershama will make up for the losses in no time… the skilling nook encourages some awesome gains.

If you are a senior member with skills in the 50’s – the alliance will pay your monthly fee to skill in the Veareth nook. Contact Rylar or Sparkle about this opportunity.

In other news, Ghytred defeated his 100th Elder Space Dragon but must have got confused when he saw a Starclaw looking sideways at him. They are bad news… avoid them at all costs. Tirun burst in the news as he defeated his 10th Young Space Dragon, Enhalion defeated his 1st Sarracenia and Razenemy defeated his 1st Inexperienced Pirate. Keep up the good work guys.

A few times recently Zionatal has been caught hacking by the Empire authorities – and while they frown about such activity during times of peace, they didn’t seem overly concerned if anyone collected his bounty or not.

Just a reminder that you are not permitted to attack another Empire pilot in the EWS – even if they have a faction bounty on their heads. The diplomatic fall-out would be immense.

That’s it for now. Have a good time out there!