It’s been a busy time in the EWSC over the past week – and as usual The Waistelands members have all had their fair share of action packed adventure, hair-raising “close-calls”… along with some steady trading and building action.

Makeda Melikian has been in the news for building her first Battleweapons Factory as well as showing she can shoot straight – her name is being quietly passed around the Space Clam community as someone to be wary of. Even the Inexperienced Pirates in EWS have voiced some concerns at the hostility she is showing them.

You might see her showing off her shiny new ship armor to anyone that will listen over at the YS3-386 Dragon Den – that is if you can catch her between ranking and killing Space Dragons. Whilst she managed to take down her 1st Ice Beast, shortly afterward she was spotted in an Escape Pod having been taught some respect by the dead Ice Beast’s grieving sibling. Give them a wide berth and focus on the Space Dragons!

Dartwolf (our former alliance member – turned pirate underclass) has proven beyond a doubt that when it comes to surviving – he doesn’t. The defensive units of Darkghost’s Brewery withstood Dartwolf’s attempt to attack the facility and destroyed his ship. Darkghost was buying rounds at the Edvea Lounge and Cocktail bar for days using the bounty money he collected from that little adventure… all for having some defenses on his building.

Another day – and another attack by Dartwolf. This time it was Bershama’s Chemical Lab that got the special treatment… only it was Dartwolf himself that ended up being treated… after they scraped him out of his escape pod. Throughout the week this pattern continued – he died four more times by driving into various buildings belonging to our members… full credit to all our members who had the foresight to add some defenses to their buildings.

You don’t need to add a huge amount for them to be effective against such rank amateurs – remember that even a Medium Missile Turret (MMT) is better than nothing! It stops Dartwolf, anyway!

Both Bubon and Baglodorf swooped in to the news – each amassing a significant milestone in their personal war on Space Maggots (500 each… only another few billion to go and you’ll have them beat). Baglodorf even managed to take down his first Gorefang before he casually shot down Dartwolf! Getting in some practice for the next EWS pirate hunt? Either way, great work defending our territory, Baglodorf. Don’t give the scum a chance to recover – take it to them.

One lesson that Baglodorf will no doubt be taking away with him for future reference… Ice Beasts can be pretty mean if you get them angry enough. We’ve all pressed the wrong button on the dashboard before – lucky that Baglodorf had an Escape Pod installed. You did have an Escape Pod, right?

Since then, Baglodorf has continued his killing spree, chalking up 10 Blood Amoeba and 10 Gorefangs as well.

Every morning last week I was drinking my coffee and reading about Dr Hobo killing his first Bio Scavenger, his first Gorfangling, his first Young Space Dragon… his 10th Maggot… and then I read he had decided to retire. It’s always a surprise when a pilot decides to make that decision… but have a safe journey getting there, Dr Hobo.

Speaking of surprises, shortly after passing ownership of the newly built Eternal Waisteland starbase over to our sweet-talking diplomat Nirraa, Guy realised that he had over-committed himself and found that there just weren’t enough hours in the day! After some soul-searching, Guy made the decision to follow in the steps of Dr Hobo and to take the same long road to retirement. I hope all your days are sunny and your nights filled with joy… and that we may see you again when time permits.

Loku recently joined us and has now built up an Optics Research Center… watch out for the Frost Crystals Loku… they sting! Haddlespawn decided it was time to move out of the Food and Water production business and is now putting the finishing touches onto his new Battleweapons Factory (but not before taking time to defeat his 100th Elder Space Dragon!).

As we build a new economy, more opportunities for buildings will present themselves and we’ll see many properties going up (and some coming down) in the weeks ahead.

That’s it for now. Have a good time out there!