Congratulations to our own Baglodorf who has reached the exalted position of 13th “Most Respected” Imperial pilot with a reputation of 4,211! That is some serious dedication – and something for all young Imperials to aspire to. Good job.

A big thanks to all the dedicated souls that have continued to supply the workers in Oldain with everything they have asked for – boosting population to 195,441 and bringing Oldain to the 5th largest planet in the Universe. Many of these same traders have ensured that Watibe Station is now the 6th largest Starbase in the Universe!

Guy, Nirraa, Onishi and a cast of extras have managed to ensure that The Waistelands is talked about in bars, dens and brothels throughout the universe by negotiating a location for a Starbase, destroying a rival Trading Outpost and then defending our Trading Outpost as it was converted into a Starbase over in Kenlada sector!

As Rylar has mentioned before, this opens up a host of opportunities for The Waistelands – and already we are in negotiations to secure valuable trading partnerships.

Guy almost sent the local toe-rag Darthxeonx on a pod ride earlier today both survived a 20 round ambush – with our very own Guy inflicting more damage. But then it’s not surprising when you read what he’s been doing to the X-993 family recently:

  • 2011/03/22 – 16:00 Guy defeated her 10th X-993 Battlecruiser.
  • 2011/03/22 – 14:18 Guy defeated her 100th X-993 Squad.
  • 2011/03/19 – 02:57 Guy defeated her 500th Bio Scavenger.

A former alliance member, Dartwolf was destroyed in his attack on the Medical Laboratory owned by Squid Squidy. He didn’t learn from his mistakes as the next two days show:

  • 2011/03/22 – 11:40 Dartwolf was destroyed in his attack on the Stim Chip Mill owned by Durin.
  • 2011/03/23 – 10:08 Dartwolf was destroyed in his attack on the Electronics Facility owned by Gilad Pellaeon.

Building defenses can be very useful indeed – and a life of crime doesn’t pay. Dartwolf has since been stripped of his Imperial rank and cast out of the Empire. He is now grubbing around in Edvea with other factionless bottom-feeders that consider themselves pirates.

On a lighter note, I thought you might enjoy this run of events in the News recently:

  • 2011/03/21 – 19:43 Slicerdicer has destroyed her own building.
  • 2011/03/21 – 20:24 Slicerdicer has destroyed her own building.
  • 2011/03/21 – 20:24 Slicerdicer has destroyed her own building.

Which left Slicerdicer with no buildings at all. But then a few days later this happened:

  • 2011/03/23 – 13:27 Xolarix placed a bounty of 25,000 credits on Slicerdicer’s buildings.

It took Xolarix a few hours, but they soon realised how ineffectual a destroy bounty is on a player with no buildings:

  • 2011/03/23 – 20:52 Xolarix cancelled a bounty he had placed on Slicerdicer.

Closer to home, Nirraa returned control of Burnt Waistelands to Albian who is once again at the helm of this fine Starbase in Edvea. Welcome back Albian :)

Finally, some troubling (and somewhat sad news) was also present. It appears the Pirates are getting stronger and bolder as this awkward run of events shows:

  • 2011/03/14 – 08:35 An Inexperienced Pirate attacked and raided Nirraa.
  • 2011/03/18 – 04:56 An Experienced Pirate attacked and defeated Onishi.
  • 2011/03/19 – 14:50 Baglodorf was defeated by a Famous Pirate.
  • 2011/03/21 – 13:25 An Experienced Pirate attacked and raided Guy.
  • 2011/03/21 – 20:13 An Inexperienced Pirate attacked and raided Ghytred.

Please be on the lookout put any Grey or Dark Grey ships lurking menacingly around Energy fields.

That’s it for now. Have a good time out there!